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.NET, Moodle, UI

Tomorrow (8/31) Free Moodle for Teachers Orientation/Workshop via @WizIQ

.NET, Electro, Moodle, PHP, UI

Back to School: Plan ahead and never ‘miss’ a day of school for snow, ice, heat, hurricane… again

.NET, Embedded, Google, Moodle, Plugin, Review, UI

Back to School: Get a classroom (free hosting, self-hosted or commercial vendors)

.NET, Embedded, Example, Moodle, PHP, UI

Bitty Browser magic – how to embed a website inside your Moodle webpage

.NET, Moodle, PHP, Software, UI

Back to School: Find a Moot (and attend)

.NET, Moodle, PHP, UI, Video

Gone Moodle: Sonoma State, Marlborough Girl’s College and Univ Montana Western

Linux, Software, UI

squidpeek 1.2

Linux, Perl, Plugin, Programming, Software, UI

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::RequiresExternal 1.004

Linux, Programming, UI

buildout-tox 1.0

Google, Linux, Software, UI

My Shortcuts 2.6

Linux, UI

Squid 3.1.15

Linux, UI

Haguichi 1.0.11

Electro, Sains, UI

Animatronic Tutorial

Google, Linux, Software, UI

Quix 1.0

Google, iPad, PHP, Sains, UI, Windows

Microsoft Kinect controlled Delta Robot

Firefox, Linux, UI

CxMp3Downloader 1.5.2

Linux, Programming, Software, UI

isotoma.recipe.cluster 0.0.4

Linux, Software, UI

WebLocker 0.5

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