Dist::Zilla::Plugin::RequiresExternal 1.004

make dists require external commands ( read more )

Text::Xslate 1.4002

Scalable template engine for Perl5 ( read more )

Sub::Spec::URI 0.04

Refer to module/sub/spec/sub call via URI string ( read more )

bullwinkle 0.3.6

Python tools inspired by Perl::Moose ( read more )

Mojolicious 1.92

The Web In A Box! ( read more )

Business::CyberSource 0.1.9

Business::CyberSource class ( read more )

Two Factor Authentication With One Time Passwords with FreeRADIUS and LinOTP

The API While the Enterprise Edition comes with a C module for the FreeRADIUS Server, the Community Edition, that is licensed under the AGPLv3 does not. Nevertheless, LinOTP provides very simple WEB APIs that makes it easy to talk to LinOTP in many different ways. There is also an API to do authentication, i.e. to […]

Cara Instan Pasok Air Bersih ke Negara Berkembang

Ilmuwan India berhasil menemukan cara cepat dan mudah mendeteksi air bawah tanah.