Exits Beta Status

Mega service has finally exited the beta stages after launching earlier this year. 

In the past months, Mega has grown impressively both in user numbers and the content that passed through the network.

Along with the official launch, Mega also received a new web User Interface with a bunch of tweaks that should help make the experience a lot speedier and more efficient. For instance, Mega now allows local caching, thus allowing syncs made since the last time a user connected to the account.  Continue reading Exits Beta Status

Cross-platform Vuze Client Beta is Available

Vuze Client, an end-to-end application that acts as a complete Bittorrent downloader without slowing down the computer, is now at version Beta 39. Vuze Bittorrent Client is a relatively lightweight Bittorrent client that can be used to download torrents and even act as a search engine. A new development version has been released, featuring a small number of changes. Given the high number of development builds, it’s likely that the final version is not that far off. Continue reading Cross-platform Vuze Client Beta is Available