OpenMandriva 2014.0 Beta Preview, (Yet Officiall :) )

The brand new OpenMandriva Linux version is close to release. The New 2014.0 Edition is prepared to released under Beta term. This is the preview I’ve got from Wikis and Live ISO directly from ROSA ABF (the OpenMandriva & ROSA Linux build server).

The 2014.0 will be released under codename “Phosporus”. OpenMandriva 2014 will be using KDE 4.12.2 and using Homerun Launcher as the default menu launcher. Homerun is replacing the SimpleWelcome launcher from ROSA.

The OpenMandriva 2014.0 using the beutifull artwork and KDE themes.

OpenMandriva 2014.0 Beta
Homerun Launche on OpenMandriva 2014.0 Beta
OpenMandriva 2014.0 Beta is using KDE 4.12.2
Plasma Media Center on OpenMandriva 2014.0 Beta

omv2014beta3 omv2014beta4 omv2014beta5 omv2014beta7 omv2014beta8

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