Its Official, Vodafone is part of Ubuntu Carrier Now!

Canonical is trying to make Ubuntu Touch popular with various carriers by enlisting them in a group called “Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group.” Vodafone is just the last one to join forces with Canonical.

The Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group has managed to gather some large names, and now another big firm joins this select company.

“Ubuntu has gained momentum for its phone offering over the last year and has attracted much interest from the mobile industry at large. So, today, we’re announcing Vodafone as the latest addition to our Carrier Advisory Group.”

“Vodafone Group is part of the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group (CAG). As a member of the CAG, Vodafone Group will join national and multi-national carriers in discussions that influence the development of Ubuntu for smartphones,” reads theannouncement on the website.

Even if Vodafone has shown some interest in Ubuntu Touch, it doesn’t mean that it is also committing to releasing a branded phone with the operating system from Canonical.

The company will only lend its expertise and will inform the developers about some particular directions that they should take.

via Softpedia

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