Kubuntu 15.04 Is Released With Plasma 5 Desktop

Kubuntu 15.04 Is Released With Plasma 5 Desktop by KDE. Kubuntu 15.04 is not integrate custom KDE experience, so embrace yourself, you can see a “raw Plasma 5” experience as KDE Plasma developer built.

Kubuntu has just undergone as a major change. The system has moved to Plasma 5, a new desktop of the KDE project, which is a massive undertaking. It retains some of the same design choices with the old Plasma version, but it’s also quite different in many areas.

KubuntuI think Kubuntu 15.04 is a real surprise,. Kubuntu is completely different than the previous version.

As published in official announcement, “Plasma 5, the next generation of KDE’s desktop has been rewritten to make it smoother to use while retaining the familiar setup. The second set of updates to Plasma 5 is now stable enough for everyday use and is the default in this version of Kubuntu,”

The Kubuntu 15.04 is also the first major linux distribution that succesfully implementing KDE Plasma 5 Desktop to the world. Great job!


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