Download Source Code Claromentis 7.4

Claromentis Ltd is announcing that Claromentis with version number 7.4 is already available to download.

What is Claromentis ?

Claromentis is A commercial Intranet platform with over 15 years of experience, boasting a wide array of useful features and customizable tools .

Claromentis is a truly versatile Intranet engine, merging a large collection of tools together, tools critical in managing and running an offline or online company.Webmasters can use Claromentis for a wide range of tasks, from human resource management, to collaborative projects, and up to running an official press release channel, and document sharing.Lots more of other features and applications are packed with Claromentis, which makes it ideal to use with any type of business, regardless of its activity sector.Claromentis is written in PHP, can be installed on a MySQL or MSSQL database, and comes packed with an administration panel for easily managing the entire system.Localization support is included, so webmasters can deploy it for  multinational companies as well.In its 15 years history, at one point or another, Claromentis has found its way in big name companies like Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Babcock.

This is changelog for Claromentis version 7.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Claromentis - The Claromentis Intranet can be password-protected if needed toClaromentis - Once logged in, the users will see the Claromentis Intranet main pageClaromentis - Users can easily manage and edit their profilesClaromentis - Various Intranet-related settings can be adjusted via the settings pageClaromentisClaromentis - A contacts list and phone list can also be kept via the Claromentis IntranetClaromentisClaromentis - Anyone can search through the people list to find friends and other employeesClaromentisClaromentis - An internal messaging system is packed with ClaromentisClaromentis - A calendar and organizer is included as wellClaromentis - LMS functionality is included with Claromentis, along with a plethora of other appsClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentisClaromentis - Claromentis also includes a backend where various modules and features can be modified

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