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Download Source Code Hexo 3.1.1

Tommy Chen is announcing that Hexo with version number 3.1.1 is already available to download.

What is Hexo ?

Hexo is A powerful blogging engine for Node.js, working just like any other static site compiler, taking content from Markdown files and compiling them into blog posts and pages .

Hexo utilizes the amazing utilities Node.js provides to help editors and authors publish their articles in a reliable way.At its core Hexo is nothing more than a static site generator, piecing together the blog index, articles, and additional pages from templates and content files.These static pages are then organized in a manner specific to well-known blogging formats like Blogger or Tumblr and served to the user at very high speeds.Hexo is installed and controlled via the Node.js CLI, coming without the classic visual administration panel found with most CMSs and blogging engines.New posts and pages are created via the CLI and content can be added by editing the adjacent Markdown file with a simple desktop text editor.To change default blog installation and styles, Hexo supports themes and plugins. Besides the native Hexo plugins, many Octopress plugins have been ported to work on top of Hexo as well.Hexo might not be what users expect when they hear the term “blog”, but it wasn’t meant to be one in the true meaning of the word.

This is changelog for Hexo version 3.1.1 :

  • New:
  • Add relative option to url_for helper.
  • Update:

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: zespia.tw

Hexo - Installing and adding content to a Hexo blog is done via the Node.js console

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