Launchpad Is Now Can Import Git Repos

Canonical surprisingly announced that Git repositories is officially supported for their code collaboration platform, Launchpad. The Git integration was one of the most requested feature from Launchpad Community.

Launchpad is used by Canonical to developed all their software and platform for their product. They introduce “bazar” as Git and SVN contender. Now they have to give up and forced to support Git.

Wait, The Git Support is not 100% yet!

Yep, the git support in Launchpad is not 100% yet. The Developers is just starting to implementing features. You can only push Git repositories to Launchpad over SSH. You can clone repositories over git, ssh or https just like regularly Github provide. But, the Launchpad UI, merge feature and etc is just a beginning.

As said on their announcement “Our support is still in its early stages, and we still have several features to add to bring it up to parity with Bazaar hosting in Launchpad, as well as generally making it easier and more pleasant to use. We’ve released it before it’s completely polished because many people are clamouring to be able to use it, and we’re ready to let you all do so. From here on in, we’ll be adding features, applying polish, and fixing bugs using Launchpad’s normal iterative deployment process: changes will be rolled out to production once they’re ready, so you’ll see the UI gradually improving over time,”

via Softpedia | Launchpad

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