Download Source Code Cardinal 3.2.4

Chris Bracco is announcing that Cardinal with version number 3.2.4 is already available to download.

What is Cardinal ?

Cardinal is A frontend UI CSS framework, designed with mobile devices in mind, packed with lots of useful, modern page prototyping utilities .

Based around HTML5 Boilerplate and normalize.css, Cardinal sets up a powerful and versatile core on which desktop and mobile applications and websites can be built.Cardinal is a “mobile-first” framework, meaning it first deals with proper display issues on mobile devices and then tries to support desktops as a secondary priority.With this in mind, you should mainly use Cardinal for your site’s mobile version, and use other UI frameworks for the desktop interface.

This is changelog for Cardinal version 3.2.4 :

  • Remove `::selection` styles because they cause iOS 8 to crash in certain scenarios.
  • Simplify directory structure for LESS partials.
  • Add `.list-reset` component modifier.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Cardinal - Cardinal comes with support for graciously embedding image, HTML 5 and HTML 5 video contentCardinal - Extensive support is included for displaying code and keyboard shortcuts on a pageCardinal - Cardinal also comes with built-in support for properly rendering Web formsCardinal - Support for configurable table displays is packed with the Cardinal CSS frameworkCardinal - Cardinal includes a versatile, responsive grid systemCardinal - Many styles are included in Cardinal for displaying buttons

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