Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 16.01 Now in Development, Ships with Arc and Nitrux Themes

This past weekend, Ringo de Kroon, the maintainer of the Cinnamon desktop environment for Manjaro Linux, as well as the Manjaro Linux Cinnamon Community Edition, released for testing the first development build from the upcoming Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 16.01 series.

Last week, we reported on the Manjaro Linux 16.01 operating system, which entered development and will be released later this year. Therefore, we’re now waiting for the rest of the Manjaro maintainers to release new development builds from the 16.x1 series.

There aren’t many interesting things in Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 16.01 Dev, which, of course, is based on the latest GNU/Linux technologies introduced in Manjaro Linux 16.01 Dev, except for some visual updates based on the Arc theme, Nitrux icons, and the Noto Sans font.

“So going forward, this is just a development build, it’s just a tryout. In the next build, I will do more internal work with Glibc, but I’ll have to see,” said Ringo de Kroon, Maintainer of Manjaro-Cinnamon and Manjaro Linux Cinnamon Community Edition, in the forum announcement.

Latest LibreOffice office suite has been added

Additionally, the distro ships with the Leafpad text editor and the latest LibreOffice 5 office suite. If you want to help the developer find and repair bugs in the GNU/Linux distribution, you can download Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 16.01 Dev right now via Softpedia, where you’ll find only 64-bit Live ISO images. 32-bit builds should be available in the final release, which will come out later this year.

Please note that this is a pre-release version of the operating system, which means that you should not use it as a replacement for your stable machine. Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 16.01 is actually in its early stages of development, and many things are not working as expected. You should report bugs on the distribution’s forum thread.

Via Softpedia

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