Linux News Today: MKVToolNix 8.7.0 Open-Source MKV Manipulation Tool Adds HEVC/H.265 Enhancements

Moritz Bunkus has had the pleasure of announcing the release of MKVToolNix 8.7.0, the next major version of the open-source and cross-platform MKV (Matroska) manipulation software for Linux, Mac and Windows OSes.

According to the internal changelog, attached at the end of the article for reference, MKVToolNix 8.7.0 brings many improvements to the HEVC/H.265 support, a revamped GUI Preferences dialog, as well as better support for executing certain programs after the entire queue or a job was finished.

Moreover, MKVToolNix 8.7.0 adds support for outputting more items on the JSON identification and verbose modes, and introduces additional options for handling track statistics and attachments tags in the mkvpropedit tool. Of course, numerous bugs reported by users since MKVToolNix 8.6.1 have been resolved.

“This release contains a more even mix of bug fixes and enhancements. One area that has received special attention is the HEVC/h.265 code where multiple issues have been fixed. I strongly urge everyone to upgrade if you’re dealing with HEVC/h.265 in Matroska,” says Moritz Bunkus.

BOMs will not be available for UTF-8 encoded files

When we reported on the release of MKVToolNix 8.6.1 back in November, we stated that the developer no longer recommended users to use byte order marks (BOMs) when working with MKVToolNix software on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X, but if users wanted the functionality, he would have implemented it in this release.

Well, it looks like users spoke, and Moritz Bunkus decided to revert the change of writing BOMs for UTF-8 encoded files, instructing users to first extract subtitles to an external file and then edit the respective subtitles and mux them back. Moreover, MKVToolNix 8.7.0 comes without support for several ISO 639-2 codes.

Download MKVToolNix 8.7.0 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia