Linux News Today: MKVToolNix 8.9.0 MKV Manipulation Tool Has a Lot of Bug Fixes and Enhancements

MKVToolNix developer Moritz Bunkus recently released a new version of his popular MKVToolNix open-source and cross-platform MKV (Matroska) manipulation tool for all supported operating systems.

It has been a little over one month since the release of the previous maintenance build of MKVToolNix, and the 8.9.0 version brings a lot of bug fixes and enhancements, which promise to keep the application stable and reliable, as well as to add various new features here and there.

According to the release notes, MKVToolNix 8.9.0 contains numerous improvements to the GUI (Graphical User Interface), such as multiple enhancements to the header and chapter editors, deactivation of the default font size adjustment, and various small changes to the merge tool and job queue.

“Development speed has slowed down a little in the last couple of days. Nevertheless, today’s release v8.9.0 contains a lot of bug fixes and enhancements,” said Moritz Bunkus in the announcement. “There’s one small change for package maintainers: a Polish translation of the man pages has been added.”

mkvinfo and mkvmerge also received enhancements

For reference, we’ve attached the entire changelog of MKVToolNix 8.9.0 at the end of the article, and just by talking a quick look at it, you can notice that most of the changes have been implemented in MKVToolNix GUI, but there are also a few improvements to the mkvinfo and mkvmerge tools.

Most of these changes are bugfixes, so if you’re curious to know what exactly has been changed check out the changelog. Otherwise, start downloading MKVToolNix 8.9.0 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows and update your installation as soon as possible. However, Linux users can also update to MKVToolNix 8.9.0 via the default software repositories of their distributions.

Via Softpedia

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