Apple: Movies Now Available on iCloud

Via Inside iTunes, Apple is promoting one of the newly added abilities to download movies from your iCloud account.

“Movies have joined music, TV shows, books, and apps in iCloud, which means that iTunes movies are as easily re-watchable as your DVDs, even if you need to remove a movie from a device for awhile for space reasons,” says Apple.

The iPhone maker explains that users will have their movies stored in iCloud, where they become downloadable each time they want to watch them, on any of their iCloud-enabled devices.

Apple TV owners will be glad to see that their movie selection has substantially increased. Users of the black box will be able to browse movies for purchase as well as rental and, since the movies are stored in iCloud, users don’t require physical storage – just an Internet connection.

Customers who wish to see the movies they’ve already purchased can follow these instructions, Apple says, depending on the device they use:

1. on your computer, click the Purchased link in the Quick Links section on the main iTunes Store page or main Movie page;

2. on your iPhone and iPod touch, tap the Purchased tab on the lower right, then Movies;

3. on iPad tap the Purchased tab on the lower right and then use the View button on the upper left to select among Music, TV Shows, and Movies;

4. on Apple TV select Movies and then Purchased on the upper left.

Now that the iTunes store includes HD movies at 1080p resolution, customers will see in the description what HD resolutions are available and what will be downloaded or streamed, as they browse individual movies.

“iTunes on your computer provides a convenient way to see all the HD movies currently available via the All HD Movies link in Movies Quick Links on the main Movies page,” Apple says.

Several system requirements are outlined, such as iTunes 6 – required to download 1080p content to computers.

via Softpedia

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