Apple Release OS X Server Preview 9 and XCode 5.0.1

While OS X Mavericks has been the first to ditch its pre-release nature this week, adjacent software offerings like OS X Server and Apple Remote Desktop are still in beta. Xcode 5 is also exiting its “pre-release” state.

As of yesterday, Apple’s developer site has been chock-full of new betas available for download to registered developers. OS X Mavericks was the first to shake off its “pre-release” nature, followed by Xcode 5.0.1, both having been promoted to Golden Master status.
However, other up-and-coming software releases meant to be used with OS X (for management and development purposes) are currently still in pre-release state.

These include OS X Server Preview 9 and Apple Remote Desktop 3.7, both of which still have open test areas for developers, as well as multiple “known issues” to see addressed.

Apple is visibly pushing to have all these bugs ironed out in time for the OS X Mavericks release. In the meantime, if you’re a registered Apple Developer, you can lend Apple a helping hand by downloading and testing the betas. via Softpedia

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