SysInternals Process Monitor 3.0 is Available Now!

A new version of the Sysinternals Suite of Windows tools and utilities created by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell is now available for download.

The new release brings along a major update for the Process Monitor, which is now available for download as version 3.0, as well as a small update to Autoruns, now available as version 11.22.

For those out of the loop, we should note that Process Monitor is a real-time file, registry, process and network monitor.

The new version update for this utility brings along bookmark support, which should translate into users being able to flag specific lines in a trace for easy reference at a later date.

“Shortcut keys enable you to move quickly between bookmarks and you can even add bookmarks to existing trace files,” the release notes for the new app flavor read.

“You can also convert a highlight filter to an include filter and shortcut keys move between highlighted lines,” the changelog continues.

Some of the other features that this Windows Utility has been packed with include the fact that process create events now add the entire contents of the new process environment block. It was also designed to add the starting current directory.

“Finally, process Monitor now records process environment variables and current working directory for process create events (thanks to Dmitri Davydok for his contribution) and displays the names of new Windows 8 file system control codes,” the release notes for this app iteration show.

Unfortunately, no specific info on the changes that have been included in the new Autoruns 11.22 has been unveiled so far.

The previous update for tools in the Sysinternals Suite was released on February 16th this year, and included new versions of Coreinfo, DebugView, LiveKd and Process Explorer.


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