How to Block Twitter Picture and Vine Previews with AdBlocks

About AdBlock and AdBlock Plus

AdBlock plus has added another feature that’s perfect for those who don’t really like that Twitter is now displaying pictures in the feed. 

The company behind AdBlock Plus has added a new filter that works by removing the network’s in-stream photo and Vine previews.

The feature has been available from Twitter for mobile users of Android and iOS devices, for data usage purposes, but there was no such option for web users. So AdBlock Plus is taking the matter into their own hands and gives users the chance to bypass Twitter’s previews.

How to Block Twitter Pictures and Vine Previews

There are slightly different ways to get this done, depending on the browser you’re using.

  • On Firefox, you must right-click on the ABP logo -> Filter preferences -> Custom filters and “Add a filter group” which you have to name. Then, you can right-click it and choose “Show/hide filters,” and go to “Add filter.” (The following part is common for all browsers so you’ll find it at the end of the article.)
  • On Chrome, you have to right-click the “ABP” logo in the address bar, go to “Options” and “Add your own filters.”
  • On Opera, you have to go to “Extensions” in the menu, choose “AdBlock Plus options and “Add your own filters.”

Then, in the aforementioned locations, you must copy-paste the following filters:
– For pictures: ##.tweet .media > > img
– For videos: > .content > .expanded-content > .tweet-details-fixer > .js-media-container[data-card2-name=”player”]

Save the modifications by clicking on the “Add filter” button and you’re done. You can now enjoy a Twitter feed without picture previews and Vines. Your pages should, in theory, load better now that they’re free of the extra baggage, and that’s always a good thing when considering taking such a step.

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