Albanian Hackers Attacked the Election Site of Serbia

A group of hackers called United Albanian [email protected] defaced, a website designed to provide news and announcements to Serbians regarding the upcoming local and parliamentary elections.

Even though the site’s owners say that their reports are objective, the hackers didn’t agree and breached the website, altering it to display their own protest message.

“Your destiny is to be part of our operation ‘Eagles in Action.’ The reason for this is simple, your insults do not stop… You are your own enemies. You deserve this,” reads the message posted by the hackers.

According to, the hackers also made threats to reveal that this would not be their last attempt at silencing Serbian sites.

This is not the first time hackers try to interfere with elections. The ones in Russia also caused waves in the local hacking communities and some cybercriminals even started launching malware-spreading campaigns inspired by this topic.

via Softpedia