Are You Paranoid? Get this USBKill Script to Shut Down your Computer when Something Strange Happen in Your USB

A security offense tool for individuals who encrypt the data on their computer and locking everything up by initiating a computer shutdown event when something strange activity happen on any USB ports is detected is released, its called USBKill

The product is a Python script, and as its developer says, it come in plain and simple method, when the computer is stolen from a public place, this script will preventing the thief from accessing the information on it.

USBKill can also be a solution for hackers (black or whitehat) receiving a sudden visit from law enforcement and who do not have the time to close the laptop lid. Heuheu!

“The police will use a ‘mouse jiggler’ to keep the screensaver and sleep mode from activating,” said h3phaestos, the creator of USBKill, in the description of the tool.

USBkill also provides is to tie the USB drive to the wrist and start the script. If someone tries to steal the laptop, the device is automatically turned off and the data is protected. What a clever!