KickAss Torrent Comeback with new Domain “DXTorrent”

Just two or three hours back, story about U.S. Government has grabbed the diverse areas of KickassTorrents is spreading. The government examiners additionally captured Artem Vaulin, the affirmed originator of the site.

A click on the commented links took me to I don’t know if it’s an old website that’s a KickassTorrents alternative, or some KAT mirror that has resurrected the KickassTorrents website.

The website looks just like the world’s largest torrent website KAT, featuring the same layout and popup ads.


This revival has been welcomed by the KAT fans on Reddit, who are busy discussing their favorite KickassTorrents alternative.

Before facing this setback, KickassTorrents has been enjoying the status of theworld’s most popular torrent website, breaking into the top 70 websites in the world.