Menyembunyikan Folder dengan ProtectedFolder

IOBit baru saja merilis salah satu produk penyembunyi folder miliknya, ProtectedFolder. IObit Protected Folder ini mampu menyembunyikan sebuah folder secara penuh dengan interface yang mudah dipahami. Berikut screenshoot Protected Folder:

Cara menggunakannya juga sangat mudah, tinggal drag n drop folder yang ingin disembuyikan.

Everything you need is packed into this nice interface and it’s that simple. Other programs that feature this option to hide programs come with nasty menu’s featuring tons of options. But simplicity is geniocity. That’s why IObit has made everything to this smart interface. Main benefits you will get from Protected Folders is that you can now manage your privacy like never before. And on top of that, You’re data shall never be lost or stolen.

Few years back… I had an experience with a similar program that completely froze my PC. That pesky little program edited one of my registry files. It’s a shame that I don’t remember the name of this program. I was hesitating at first to try this program myself but I decided to do so. I am quite happy with it because it’s working well. That’s why I recommend this program. Plus IObit is reliable and their other programs such as Advance system Care Professional.