Download Source Code Agilefant 3.5.4

Jarno Vähäniitty is announcing that Agilefant with version number 3.5.4 is already available to download.

What is Agilefant ?

Agilefant is A Java, Web-based backlog management tool which brings together the advantages of long-term planning and daily work task administration .

Agilefront’s aim is to be as simple as possible, scaling from a one man tool to a multi-team collaboration environment.Besides the open source, self-hosted solution, for developers not owning the proper hosting requirements, Agilefant also provides a commercial-licensed cloud-hosted environment as well.

This is changelog for Agilefant version 3.5.4 :

  • My work, Reporting, and Dashboards Automatically enabled for new and existing accounts
  • Admin users can now see all backlogs, even if his team(s) does not have access rights to the backlog
  • When creating new user, add the user by default to all teams if creator is admin, or to creator’s teams if creator is non-admin
  • Moving stories from one backlog to another sped up

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Agilefant - Agilefront shows users what they have to do today and what they've accomplished in the pastAgilefant - Agilefront records all passed activity for reference in the futureAgilefant - Timesheet management is also included with AgilefantAgilefant - A portfolio section also ships with AgilefantAgilefant - Multiple Agilefant system settings can be tweaked in the backend

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