Download Source Code Amazon DynamoDB 2015-08-19 (beta), Inc. is announcing that Amazon DynamoDB with version number 2015-08-19 (beta) is already available to download.

What is Amazon DynamoDB ?

Amazon DynamoDB is A managed NoSQL database service from Amazon, a powerful system that can deal and adapt to any type of traffic your database may be receiving .

Designed to be part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolkit, DynamoDB is a powerful data store server, managed by Amazon, for users not owning or wanting to deal with the infrastructure of huge and powerful database systems.DynamoDB works by automatically splitting incoming data and traffic across a cloud infrastructure which then replies in due time, without a fault or time delays.DynamoDB has been used by countless of developers, small companies, or even industry giants like Adobe, Nokia, Netflix, Comcast, Expedia, Pinterest, US FDA, Airbnb, Reddit, Scribd, Spotify, and many other more.

This is changelog for Amazon DynamoDB version 2015-08-19 (beta) :

  • Amazon DynamoDB streams, cross-region replication, and scan with strongly consistent reads.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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