Download Source Code Apache HttpComponents Core 4.4.2

Apache Software Foundation is announcing that Apache HttpComponents Core with version number 4.4.2 is already available to download.

What is Apache HttpComponents Core ?

Apache HttpComponents Core is An open source, lightweight Java library for developing client-server applications that use HTTP as their main transport medium .

Apache HttpComponents Core doesn’t cover all facets of the HTTP protocol, but only the main basics, all that’s needed to support basic communications between a client and a server.The library can be used for building both client-side and server-side HTTP services, supporting the two main I/O models:- blocking (serial, synchronous, based on Java I/O)- non-blocking (parallel, asynchronous, based on Java NIO)The library tries to uphold a balance between performance and ease of use, while also remaining a self-contained component that can be added and reused in multiple applications and instances.Apache HttpComponents Core has also spawned a similar project, Apache HttpComponents Client, an HTTP client-side agent.

This is changelog for Apache HttpComponents Core version 4.4.2 :

  • PrivateKeyStrategy does not work with NIO SSL.
  • VersionInfo#getUserAgent reports incorrect Java version.
  • Non-blocking connection should not trigger end-of-stream callback as long as there is still data in the session input buffer. This can cause a series of short pipelined requests to fail prematurely in case of an unexpected connection termination by the opposite endpoint.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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