Download Source Code Apache Tapestry 5.3.8 / 5.4-beta-35

Apache Software Foundation is announcing that Apache Tapestry with version number 5.3.8 / 5.4-beta-35 is already available to download.

What is Apache Tapestry ?

Apache Tapestry is An open-source Java framework developed by Apache that uses a simple approach to building complex, dynamic Web-based applications .

Apache Tapestry uses a different approach for building Java apps. Instead of complex modular architectures every Tapestry component is actually a basic Java POJO which holds all the information about it and allows it to be easily scripted and used in safe and fast conditions.Building applications with Tapestry is quite easy thanks to the included documentation and many of the built-in features and tools like live class reloading, streamlined templates, dependency injection, AJAX support, and so on.Besides documentation the Tapestry framework also comes with a pretty large set of built-in components and also closely follows TDD (Test Driven Development) practices.Developers will also love working with Apache Tapestry because of its advanced error reporting feature and the close attention it pays to speed and performance thanks to features like client-side caching, content compression and aggregation.Because it is also written in pure Java developers will also be able to easily embed their favorite Java tools, without having to work around various quirks and inconveniences that most frameworks have when combining different languages together. And thanks to the built-in support for the Java Servlet API, you can easily build your Tapestry app and almost immediately deploy it on any servlet container and any other application server.

This is changelog for Apache Tapestry version 5.3.8 / 5.4-beta-35 :

  • Improvements Made:
  • Translation for Vietnamese
  • “Parameters” table often too wide in component javadocs
  • Added support for multivalued parameters in Link

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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