Download Source Code Apache UIMA 2.8.1

Apache Software Foundation is announcing that Apache UIMA with version number 2.8.1 is already available to download.

What is Apache UIMA ?

Apache UIMA is An Apache project for analyzing and processing large volumes of unstructured data and detecting any type of user-relevant information .

Apache UIMA stands for Unstructured Information Management Applications.UIMA is an interesting project from the Apache Foundation that tries to analyze and detect information blocks and patterns inside large unorganized data.As an example to what UIMA does is a situation where developers have large input from their users, let’s say text, which they feed to UIMA and the system can detect person and place names inside it, regardless of their location and formatting inside the data.This is done via a series of malleable components and organized data flows that allow UIMA to detect information at a fast pace inside any type of structure.UIMA can be used for data analysis in large databases and its support for scalable structures allows developers to run it even in the cloud.

This is changelog for Apache UIMA version 2.8.1 :

  • The UIMA Framework has had many enhancements to support the effective use of large memory machines have many multiple-cores.
  • Embedders can now run framework setups in parallel on multi-core machines, using a shared common Resource Manager object and shared UIMA Context objects.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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