Download Source Code Apache Wicket 7.0.0 / 6.20.0 / 1.5.12

Apache Software Foundation is announcing that Apache Wicket with version number 7.0.0 / 6.20.0 / 1.5.12 is already available to download.

What is Apache Wicket ?

Apache Wicket is A Java framework for Web development, a powerful toolkit that works on top of simple POJOs, reusable components, and basic Java code .

Apache Wicket tries a different approach to developing Java Web applications.Instead of complex XML configuration files and boilerplate code that developers spend most of the time deleting or re-writing, Wicket uses small reusable components governed by simple POJO models.This approach allows them reuse most of their code while also being able to successfully separate logic and business code without too much hassle.Since all the functionality is bundled up in smaller components, developers can build slimmer applications that address and cover the feature set you want them to have.How to use the different Wicket versions? Simple:- Apache Wicket 1.x series is for JDK 1.5+- Apache Wicket 6.x series is for JDK 6+- Apache Wicket 7.x series is for JDK 7+

This is changelog for Apache Wicket version 7.0.0 / 6.20.0 / 1.5.12 :

  • Required text form components now emit the HTML5 required attribute.
  • URLs with username/passwords in them will now be parsed correctly http://me:secret@localhost and http://me:secret@localhost:8080 will no longer trigger an invalid number exception.
  • OnEventHeaderItem uses JavaScript event registration, instead of inline DOM attributes, so it should remove ‘on’ prefixes when it is provided by the user application. For example: onclick => click.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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