Download Source Code Awestruct 0.5.6

Bob McWhirter is announcing that Awestruct with version number 0.5.6 is already available to download.

What is Awestruct ?

Awestruct is A powerful Ruby toolkit for quickly putting websites together, assembling them from well-organized template files and local Markdown files .

Awestruct is basically a static site generator, taking an organized file&folder structure and compiling it into HTML pages that can be deployed via a Web server to your users.Awestruct is inspired by Jekyll, working in the same way (in principle), but using some different tools.Just like Jekyll, the engine takes a template file, parses it, takes the homologue Markdown content file, parses it, and then replaces the content placeholders from the template with the actual content from the Markdown file.Awestruct can be easily themed and extended via its built-in plugin system, adapting its capabilities to the site it needs to build (landing pages, blogs, newsletter subscriptions, normal sites, one-page sites, etc.).The Awestruct engine uses open source libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, Blueprint, Compass, Markdown, YAML, and HAML.

This is changelog for Awestruct version 0.5.6 :

  • Fixing the missing bootstrap-affix.js file, done by upgrading the bootstrap-sass version.
  • Git is no longer required for deployment unless it’s checking for uncommitted changes.
  • Version range of dependencies is better. We many have swung too far on this, let us know.
  • asciidoctor tests have been fixed.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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