Download Source Code basicModal 3.0.1

Tobias Reich is announcing that basicModal with version number 3.0.1 is already available to download.

What is basicModal ?

basicModal is A jQuery plugin providing a modern dialog system, working as a replacement for the built-in JavaScript alert, dialog, and confirmation popups .

basicModal was created to show various popups and modal windows using a simpler, non-intrusive system that doesn’t restrict users, nor does it look out of place inside an app.Developers can trigger various alert and dialog windows using a beautifully styled popup.They can pass custom messages via the popup and have the user acknowledge and confirm their actions.basicModal was created using modern tools like SASS and the flexbox property in CSS3, and can also show form input fields via the modal window.This lets developers build login or registration forms that can be displayed inside a modal, a simple mechanism to let users authenticate or register on a site without loading a new page.A custom skin is included with the package, but this doesn’t mean developers cannot create their own popup themes if they want.

This is changelog for basicModal version 3.0.1 :

  • Only select input when available.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

basicModal - basicModal provides an alternative to the JS-native alert popupsbasicModal - Confirmation and dialog messages are also supported with the basicModal librarybasicModal - Other modal windows with custom layouts can also be created

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