Download Source Code BlogEngine.NET 3.2

BlogEngine.NET Team is announcing that BlogEngine.NET with version number 3.2 is already available to download.

What is BlogEngine.NET ?

BlogEngine.NET is .

Focused on speed and performance, BlogEngine.NET is a top of the line blogging solution for the ASP.NET platform. The BlogEngine.NET system works beautifully and handles like a charm, teaching WordPress a lesson when it comes to a clean backend design, ease of use and page loading speed. Sure, it will never compare to WordPress since WordPress is actually a CMS now, but when it comes to blogging you can easily count BlogEngine.NET as one of the top solutions in the industry. Easy to setup just like any other ASP.NET application in IIS, BlogEngine.NET can be hosted locally or on live Web servers. If BlogEngine.NET, or anything Microsoft-related doesn’t interest you when hosting your blog, take a look at our Blogs category for other alternatives.

This is changelog for BlogEngine.NET version 3.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

BlogEngine.NET - Once logged in, BlogEngine.NET provides administrators with an easy to use dashboardBlogEngine.NET - BlogEngine.NET is a multi-site blogging utilityBlogEngine.NET - Adding a new blog to the system is very easy and allows admins to manage more than one source at a timeBlogEngine.NET - A WYSIWYG editing experience is used for adding blog postsBlogEngine.NET - screenshot #5BlogEngine.NET - screenshot #6BlogEngine.NET - A comments moderation utility is packaged with the BlogEngine.NET systemBlogEngine.NET - Adding static pages is also support with the BlogEngine.NET platformBlogEngine.NET - screenshot #9BlogEngine.NET - screenshot #10BlogEngine.NET - Content can easily be organized in one or more categoriesBlogEngine.NET - BlogEngine.NET also supports content taggingBlogEngine.NET - The BlogEngine.NET platform can be customized via extensionsBlogEngine.NET - To style the blog, themes can be installed and applied to the frontendBlogEngine.NET - Widgets work like WordPress widgets, allowing editors to add extra content to the sidebarsBlogEngine.NET - BlogEngine.NET also includes a members management utilityBlogEngine.NET - screenshot #17BlogEngine.NET - Users can easily edit their profile settings at any timeBlogEngine.NET - Lots of site-wide settings can be edited from the BlogEngine.NET backendBlogEngine.NET - screenshot #20BlogEngine.NET - RSS syndication is supported with the BlogEngine.NET platformBlogEngine.NET - screenshot #22BlogEngine.NET - Layout and other controls can be customized as wellBlogEngine.NET - Custom HTML code and JS code can be added to the blog's headerBlogEngine.NET - Comments and interaction settings can easily be editedBlogEngine.NET - BlogEngine.NET content can be exported or importedBlogEngine.NET - On the frontend, BlogEngine.NET looks just like any other blogBlogEngine.NET - screenshot #28BlogEngine.NET - The BlogEngine.NET admin panel is password protectedBlogEngine.NET - On the frontend, a quick post utility can be opened at the top of the page

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