Download Source Code Bokeh 0.9.3

Continuum Analytics, Inc. is announcing that Bokeh with version number 0.9.3 is already available to download.

What is Bokeh ?

Bokeh is A Python library for creating interactive data visualizations, portraying statistical data with the help of charting tools like Protovis or D3.js .

Bokeh will provide a way for developers to use the advanced data manipulation power of Python, together with the awesome JS-based charting libraries, and produce high-end, beautiful charts.All charts are fully-interactive, and besides the classic pie, radar, line, bar, donut, candlestick, etc. formats, Bokeh can build some unique looking graphs as well.This allows it to adapt to any data it’s being fed, and help users understand results much better that using overly complicated charts.Bokeh also comes with lots of documentation and plenty of examples, helping developers easily create their data visualizers without needing the help of a Python or JavaScript expert.

This is changelog for Bokeh version 0.9.3 :

  • Callback Action, serverless interactivity in static plots
  • Hover inspection along lines
  • Client side LOD downsampling for interactive tools
  • Full User guide rewrite

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Bokeh - Bokeh is a Python and JavaScript library for interactive data visualizationsBokeh - Bokeh can be used for classic chart and graph like displays ...Bokeh - Thousands and thousands of data points can be plotted with BokehBokeh - ... but it can also draw non-standard looking graphs

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