Download Source Code Bolt 2.2.10

Bolt Development Team is announcing that Bolt with version number 2.2.10 is already available to download.

What is Bolt ?

Bolt is A state of the art PHP CMS, a modern Web application for building custom-structured websites with the aid of a visual interface .

Bolt is a content management system developed on top of the Silex PHP framework.The CMS targets developers and designers alike, offering an easy to use infrastructure for building modern websites.Bolt supports custom post types, templates, and extensions, allowing developers to build “any” type of websites, no matter the client’s requirements or its design preferences.An administration panel is present to help administrators set it up the way they want it, and once everything up and running, the admin panel can then be used by the site’s editors to modify its content whenever updates need to be made or new content added.Bolt works with mobile devices, so if you need to change something while on the go, you can even do it from your phone, the site’s backend being entirely mobile-friendly and boasting a responsive layout.Frontend themes are also supported, letting each admin change between the skin he wants used at one or other peculiar moment.All in all, the Bolt CMS is quite easy to work with, being a smaller alternative to bigger CMSs, yet with the same range of features.

This is changelog for Bolt version 2.2.10 :

  • Fixed:
  • No more unwanted  ‘s in CKeditor.
  • Updated:

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Bolt - Bolt is a PHP CMS that comes with an easy to use administration panelBolt - Pages and blog entries can easily be edited, along with many other settingsBolt - A WYSIWYG editing experience is included, allowing users to easily change the site's contentBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBoltBolt

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