Download Source Code Bootstrap Listr 2.2.4 / 1.2.8

Jan T. Sott is announcing that Bootstrap Listr with version number 2.2.4 / 1.2.8 is already available to download.

What is Bootstrap Listr ?

Bootstrap Listr is .

Bootstrap Listr is an enhanced version of Listr, modified to use Bootswatch themes and custom icons to customize how the default file&folder view looks on your server. Besides just pretty-printing the content of a Web directory, the script also comes with support for many more other features, all controllable via its configuration parameters. Bootstrap Listr can use custom icons depending on the file’s extension, can append a search box for easily finding a specific file in a large file index, can use a modal-driven file viewer for audio, video, text, and image files, and also supports sorting files just by clicking on one of the column headers. The script also supports responsive layouts, interchangeable themes, and the option to share files on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email and Dropbox). Bootstrap Listr should work with any server type, Apache, nginx, or LiteSpeed. You can use Bootstrap Listr as a standalone application, or you can also embed it with your other scripts or even code it into an add-on or extension for other platforms.

This is changelog for Bootstrap Listr version 2.2.4 / 1.2.8 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Bootstrap Listr - Bootstrap Listr can beautify server file indexes with a Bootstrap-based UIBootstrap Listr - Support is included for Bootswatch themesBootstrap Listr - Version 2.x also comes with support for customizable file iconsBootstrap Listr - Files can also be previewed in the directory view, and even shared to various social networks and services

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