Download Source Code Bootstrap Table 1.8.1

Zhixin Wen is announcing that Bootstrap Table with version number 1.8.1 is already available to download.

What is Bootstrap Table ?

Bootstrap Table is A jQuery plugin for enhancing the way tables are displayed in Bootstrap, adding support for filtering, sorting, pagination and searching features .

Bootstrap Table takes any type of tabular data and displays it as a rich HTML table, also known as a data grid.Developers can use the plugin to customize how their tables look, adding support for some of the following features:- column sorting- row filtering- table display format- table search field- pagination systemBesides this really useful controls, Bootstrap Table also supports some other, less visible features like the ability to handle responsive layouts, fixed headers, custom data attributes, row-cell-column selecting, and the ability to import data via JSON or AJAX.All these help programmers gain more control over their tables, allowing them to create interactive user interfaces that let users have full control over a page’s table content.The plugin uses jQuery, supports localization, and works both versions of the Bootstrap framework, 2.x and 3.x.And in case your tabular data doesn’t follow classic structures, besides the table view, the plugin can also show data in a custom “card view” as well.Demos and docs are included with the Bootstrap Table package.

This is changelog for Bootstrap Table version 1.8.1 :

  • Added state saving for visible columns and the ability to use extension with multiple simultaneous tables.
  • Added ajax option to replace jQuery Ajax method.
  • Added resetWidth method to reset header and footer width.
  • Added key-events, mobile, filter-control, reorder-columns, reorder-rows, resizable, natural-sorting, toolbar extensions, and update the extensions name.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Bootstrap Table - Bootstrap Table takes JSON data and shows it as an HTML tableBootstrap Table - The card display format is also supported with Bootstrap TableBootstrap Table - Various filtering and sorting controls can be added via Bootstrap Table

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