Download Source Code Brimir 0.6.3

Ivaldi V.O.F. is announcing that Brimir with version number 0.6.3 is already available to download.

What is Brimir ?

Brimir is .

Brimir is a little bit different from other bug trackers. While it features an administration panel for managing the tickets, new tickets can be created via email only. This means that developers can setup a special public email address, to which users and clients can send their complaints and problems, and each email will be converted by Brimir into a new ticket. Administrators can then use the Brimir dashboard to respond to tickets, and their responses will automatically be converted to emails and sent back to clients. Using email only, the clients can answer and have a conversation with the support staff, getting the help they need with their applications and services. On the other hand, the support staff is freed from a cluttered inbox, having the Brimir dashboard where all client emails are organized in their own separate thread (ticket). If the user has opened more than one ticket and things can get a little bit complicated, user accounts are also supported, so clients can also register & authenticate on Brimir and see all their current and past tickets.

This is changelog for Brimir version 0.6.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Brimir - The Brimir dashboard provides increased ticket management featuresBrimir - Details about each ticket, along with the timeline and customer conversation can be accessed by clicking on itBrimir - Admins can also create custom tickets from the backendBrimir - Automatic filtering rules can be created to fit your own company's activityBrimir - Brimir is also a multi-user based systemBrimir - Admins can tweaks the settings of each user accountBrimir - Brimir uses password-protected user accounts to give dashboard access to users and admins

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