Download Source Code Cacti 0.8.8f

Ian Berry is announcing that Cacti with version number 0.8.8f is already available to download.

What is Cacti ?

Cacti is A simple network and website monitoring script written in PHP & MySQL, working on top of the famous RRDTool traffic graphing toolkit .

Cacti is basically a PHP frontend for RRDTool.While RRDTool is used to record traffic and MRTG to plot out the graphs, Cacti a fast PHP&MySQL interface to organize, filter and navigate through all the data.Cacti provides a fast way to sip through the data without having to search hundreds of graphs for the desired info.The Cacti system simply reads RRDTool data and exports it to a MySQL data, where it can be easily be queried via SQL and only the necessary and correct data displayed.Cacti includes lots of useful features for LAN networks admins that want to keep an eye on their traffic, but website owners as well, if they use RRDTool to monitor who’s accessing their system.While more specialized analytics services are available for the later category, Cacti is for older *NIX developers that can read RRDTool graphs just like normal people read books.

This is changelog for Cacti version 0.8.8f :

  • Added native jquery, jqueryui, and jstree
  • Fixed issues with ‘Clear’ under preview not working
  • Added new Tree navigation
  • Added Columns and Thumbnails to Preview

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Cacti - Various settings can be customized via the Cacti settings screenCacti - Admins can add custom user permissions via CactiCacti - Cacti can be used to follow and track multiple devices/data sourcesCacti - When everything is setup, a new graph can be created, for a specific host or deviceCacti - For new graph templates, admins have a plethora of details and options to customizeCacti - Cacti supports overlapping multiple data sources into one single graph for a better analysisCacti - For each data graph, the admin can inspect the raw data when neededCacti - Cacti also includes a dedicated page for viewing just the traffic chartsCacti - Cacti supports deep SNMP integrationCacti - Cacti also includes a graph hierarchy editor

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