Download Source Code Charles 3.10.2 is announcing that Charles with version number 3.10.2 is already available to download.

What is Charles ?

Charles is An HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP traffic between their machine and the Internet .

This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information). It acts as a man-in-the-middle for HTTP/SSL connections, enabling to debug the content of HTTPS sessions and packets. Charles simulates modem speeds by effectively throttling your bandwidth and introducing latency, so that you can experience an entire website as a modem user might (bandwidth simulator). Charles is especially useful for Adobe Flash developers as you can view the contents of LoadVariables, LoadMovie and XML loads. Charles also has native support for Flash Remoting (AMF0 and AMF3). More about Charles and Flash. Charles is also useful for XML development in web browsers, such as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and XMLHTTP, as it enables you to see the actual XML that is flowing between the client and the server. Charles natively supports JSON, JSON-RPC and SOAP; displaying each in a simplified tree format for easy viewing and debugging. Charles will autoconfigure the browser’s proxy settings on the following browsers: – IE (Windows system proxy settings) – Firefox – Safari (Mac OS X or Windows system proxy settings)

This is changelog for Charles version 3.10.2 :

  • SSL certificate root certificate change to generate a unique certificate for each installation of Charles (see SSL Proxying in the Help menu).
  • SSL Proxying now has its own settings menu item in the Proxy menu.
  • Charles now uses Java 8 on all platforms by default.
  • ‘Find’ rewritten and dramatically improved (it’s actually usable now).

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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