Download Source Code Cloud Zoom 3.1 rev 1507231015 / 1.0.3

is announcing that Cloud Zoom with version number 3.1 rev 1507231015 / 1.0.3 is already available to download.

What is Cloud Zoom ?

Cloud Zoom is A jQuery zoom plugin for viewing big images, perfect for using with online stores to preview and inspecting products before purchasing .

Cloud Zoom works by loading a smaller image at page load first.If the user hovers his mouse over the thumb, the real image is retrieved in the background of the page and a preview panel is shown next to the mouse or thumb with the image at its natural resolution.Depending on the available space, the real image can be seen in full, or only in a small section.This visible section is shown based on the mouse cursor’s position over the thumbnail. So if the user moves his mouse, the preview panel’s image is also changed, basically allowing the user to inspect a smaller thumb with his mouse.With multiple layout options, the developer can configure Cloud Zoom’s behavior to whatever he sees fit for his pages and deploy it without additional headaches.Cloud Zoom is not only important because it improves a site’s UX (user experience), but it also saves a lot of bandwidth in cases the user isn’t interested in seeing the bigger resolution image.A side effect is an increased page load time, a crucial fact in today’s SEO strategies.Cloud Zoom comes in two licensing models. Branch 1.x is available for free under a GPL license, while branch 3.x is only available for purchase under a commercial license.If you’re looking for a non-intrusive zooming plugin, check out Jet Zoom, if you want one based on the mouse wheel, then check out Star Zoom.

This is changelog for Cloud Zoom version 3.1 rev 1507231015 / 1.0.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Cloud Zoom - Zooming an imageCloud Zoom - Adding an colored overlayCloud Zoom - Zooming and adding a blur effect

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