Download Source Code CMSimple_XH 1.6.7

CMSimple_XH Development Team is announcing that CMSimple_XH with version number 1.6.7 is already available to download.

What is CMSimple_XH ?

CMSimple_XH is A flat-file CMS for easily installing and getting a site running in no time, all without the need of a powerful database server .

CMSimple_XH is a version of CMSimple. It was forked from the original codebase around 2006, when the original CMSimple project development went idle and almost stopped.CMSimple_XH kept development on the CMS going, but from a different perspective and codebase.Right now, both CMSimple_XH and CMSimple are well maintained and can both be used to create and manage websites.They both works almost the same and are ideal for situations where storing the site’s content in a database is not a viable alternative.Installation:1. Unzip archive.2. Upload to server.3. Login with the default password “test”.

This is changelog for CMSimple_XH version 1.6.7 :

  • Fixed an Arbitrary Code Execution vulnerability (all versions since at least CMSimple_XH 1.0[1] are affected)
  • Fixed bug, where plugin.css is refreshed on every request
  • Fixed regression bug, where error message regarding already sent headers was not shown anymore
  • Fixed bug, where HTML has been escaped twice in meta tags tab

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

CMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH requires admins to authenticate before editing contentCMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH uses an in-page, WYSIWYG editing experienceCMSimple_XH - For each page, meta information can be added and editedCMSimple_XH - Other page parameters can also be edited with CMSimple_XHCMSimple_XH - The site's structure is presented with the aid of a tree menuCMSimple_XH - A file management utility is also included for the CMSimple_XH backendCMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH also provides admins with access to various site settings and configuration optionsCMSimple_XHCMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH is also a multi-lingual systemCMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH templates can be edited right in the administration panelCMSimple_XH - CSS stylesheets can be edited the sameCMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH includes a logging feature to see who and from where used the siteCMSimple_XH - A link validation tool is included by default to check the site's URL structureCMSimple_XH - CMSimple_XH also includes a data backup and restore utilityCMSimple_XH - Debug info can be obtained right from the CMSimple_XH backendCMSimple_XH - For each installed plugin, a special settings is available

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