Download Source Code Cody CMS 3.4.0

Johan Coppieters is announcing that Cody CMS with version number 3.4.0 is already available to download.

What is Cody CMS ?

Cody CMS is A top of the line CMS (Content Management System) built to run on top of MySQL and the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform .

The Cody CMS was created to bring some of the awesome website building features found in other CMS technologies to the Node.js platform.The CMS itself was built with developers and webmasters in mind, and even if it may look very user-friendly, some basic Web content management knowledge is required to take full advantage of all its features.Cody is extremely customizable and allows developers to build any kind and type of websites.This versatility stems from its MVC codebase that allows it to adapt to any requirement and site structure.This in-depth control over the content and the way it gets displays indirectly leads to leaner, faster pages, which when coupled with Cody’s built-in SEO features allow webmasters to create search engine-friendly sites with ease.

This is changelog for Cody CMS version 3.4.0 :

  • Reorganized tree so we have a proper node package that can be installed via npm.
  • Changes to path resolving, using module.parent rather than ../../…

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Cody CMS - The Cody CMS includes a classic password-protected administration panelCody CMS - Once logged in, the dashboard panel shows a list of operations an user must/can performCody CMS - Adding a page is done via a simple contextual menuCody CMS - Once the page has been added, inserting new content is done via simple blocksCody CMSCody CMS - Cody CMS pages can be modified via a simple WYSIWYG editorCody CMSCody CMS - Lots of SEO details can also be edited via the Cody page editorCody CMS - Other page-related details can also be modified if neededCody CMS - A simple image management utility is packed with the Cody CMSCody CMS - A similar file management utility is also includedCody CMS - Cody CMS also includes a user management facility as wellCody CMS - This allows admins to customize user profiles however they want

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