Download Source Code CouchCMS 1.4.5

Webzyme Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is announcing that CouchCMS with version number 1.4.5 is already available to download.

What is CouchCMS ?

CouchCMS is A PHP engine that can be applied to any static HTML website and transform it into a fully-featured Content Management System (CMS) .

CouchCMS is not your ordinary CMS. CouchCMS doesn’t create websites from scratch like most CMSs do, but helps webmasters add CMS features to static HTML templates.After downloading and unzipping the CouchCMS package, just add the “/couch” folder to your HTML template and you’ll automatically have added an administration panel for your static site.From here on out, following some simple steps detailed in the CMS’ documentation and by adding basic PHP tags and hooks into the HTML template files, each of them can be managed from the backend using CouchCMS’ visual administration toolkit.CouchCMS is not for your ordinary webmaster, being more inclined for developers that like total control over their sites, or Web design agencies working on custom projects.The CMS is licensed under two separate licenses. One free, under the CPAL license, and a commercial license that allows developers to white-label the software by removing any attribution links.

This is changelog for CouchCMS version 1.4.5 :

  • Added Shopping cart module
  • Added Session module
  • Added ‘query’ tag to execute raw SQL ‘SELECT’ statements
  • Added ‘no_results’ tag

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

CouchCMS - CouchCMS comes with its own installer to easily get it up and running with any siteCouchCMS - Once everything setup, admins need to authenticate to access the control panelCouchCMS - Right after the installation, the only item manageable is the userbaseCouchCMS - For each user, basic details can be managedCouchCMS - After template files are created, each one can be managed individuallyCouchCMS - CouchCMS supports a special section for draft contentCouchCMS - Once proper PHP tags have been added to static HTML templates, their content can easily be managed from the backend

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