Download Source Code CS-Cart 4.3.3

Simbirsk Technologies, Ltd is announcing that CS-Cart with version number 4.3.3 is already available to download.

What is CS-Cart ?

CS-Cart is A commercially licensed e-commerce platform that provides all the necessary features and functions to successfully build online stores .

While most online e-commerce platform are built and available under a commercial license, there are a few products and services that are trully superior to most open source projects.CS-Cart is one of them, providing a well-oiled e-commerce machine, perfect for building and deploying one or more online stores, even on cloud-based hosting platforms.You can test a demo and install a CS-Cart trial locally to get around working with the platform, but thanks to its super-fast AJAX powered interface, you’ll get to love and get attached to the way CS-Cart handles its business.If you can’t afford to buy CS-Cart just yet, the trial’s feature set may be limited, but covers all the basics. This way you can install CS-Cart, generate some profit and buy the full-on license afterward.

This is changelog for CS-Cart version 4.3.3 :

  • Admin panel: Administration: Backup/Restore: Database size is now shown in the side panel.
  • Hooks: New hook added to the regenerate_id method.
  • Upgrade Center: MySQLi DB driver support implemented.
  • Add-ons: Store import removed.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

CS-Cart - The admin dashboard is where products, clients, taxes, and so on, can be editedCS-Cart - Admins can edit and modify details and images for each product, order, customer accounts, and so onCS-Cart - Besides products, CS-Cart can also manage and display static pages, blog news, themes, layouts, modulesCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-CartCS-Cart

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