Download Source Code D3plus 1.8.0

Dave Landry is announcing that D3plus with version number 1.8.0 is already available to download.

What is D3plus ?

D3plus is A powerful and complex JavaScript library that extends D3.js, helping developers create beautiful visualizations for statistical data .

D3plus makes slight changes to the way developers can work with D3.js, providing ready-made utilities for building widgets and components specialized in presenting statistical data.The library takes advantage of D3.js’ SVG manipulation techniques, helping developers basic charts or more difficult, innovative, and ground-breaking data visualization graphs.D3plus provides utilities for manipulating a graph’s colors, text, data, interactions, localization settings, and number formats.D3plus can also use external graph controls to manage the visualization’s display, helping users filter the data and change the graph type.Supported graph types:Tree mapsStacked areasScatter plotsLine plotsNetwork graphsData ringsGeo mapsSVG text wrapping

This is changelog for D3plus version 1.8.0 :

  • Fixed an issue with the x position of visualization titles.
  • Status Message positioning can now be set manually.
  • Fixed issue where large tooltips would disappear on hover in Chrome for Windows.
  • Created to calculate the distance between 2 points.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

D3plus - D3plus can be used to create beautiful data visualization graphsD3plus - Various graph types can be created with D3plus, some conventional, some notD3plus - D3plus can even handle geographical data and present it on mapsD3plus - Classic chart-like structures can be created as well with D3plus

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