Download Source Code DbFacePHP 4.4

tmWorks Dev Team is announcing that DbFacePHP with version number 4.4 is already available to download.

What is DbFacePHP ?

DbFacePHP is A PHP Web-based interface for managing MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite database, allowing webmasters easier access to their database’s structure and content .

Just like phpMyAdmin, DbFacePHP provides a visual editor for managing both database overall settings, its tables, their structure, and its recorded data.DbFacePHP is pretty easy to use and tries to abstract as many operations as possible, letting developers get lots of work done just by a few clicks.DbFacePHP works with both local and remote databases and can be used for local testing environments or for live production servers the same.Besides just editing the database itself, DbFacePHP also comes with features like reporting, logging, backup&restore, and a few other more that will reduce the time spent in the database server console and allow the developer to focus on his actual application.

This is changelog for DbFacePHP version 4.4 :

  • Fix:
  • New Option for form fields default value.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

DbFacePHP - DbFacePHP lets developers interact with various database interfacesDbFacePHP - Developers can view and manage the content of a database tableDbFacePHP - Lots of in-depth details can be managed for each database connection/applicationDbFacePHPDbFacePHPDbFacePHPDbFacePHPDbFacePHP

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