Download Source Code Dependent Dropdown 1.4.2

Kartik Visweswaran is announcing that Dependent Dropdown with version number 1.4.2 is already available to download.

What is Dependent Dropdown ?

Dependent Dropdown is A jQuery plugin for creating multi-level, interconnected dropdown select lists that will dynamically change list options based on previously selected items .

Dependent Dropdown allows developers to create complex selection trees using dropdown lists that change options based on the user’s choices.Complex dependency structures can be created, and support for the HTML 5 data attribute is included, for dynamically passing extra options to various dropdowns.Optgroups are also supported, along with the ability to lock subsequent dropdowns until the previous ones have been filled in.Updating the dropdowns is done in real-time via jQuery and AJAX, and a small preloader can be shown while dropdown options are loaded.

This is changelog for Dependent Dropdown version 1.4.2 :

  • Updated trigger of afterChange event
  • Set composer minimum stability to stable.
  • Enhance ability to use checkbox or radio as the first dependent parent.
  • Code cleanup and restructure for various JS lint changes (using JSHint Code cleanup library).

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Dependent Dropdown - Dependent Dropdown is a jQuery plugin for creating inter-connected drop-down menusDependent Dropdown - Dependent Dropdown will dynamically change dropdown lists based on previously selected items
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