Download Source Code ECharts 2.2.6

Baidu Inc. is announcing that ECharts with version number 2.2.6 is already available to download.

What is ECharts ?

ECharts is A powerful JavaScript charting toolkit, supporting lots of graph types, chart skins, legend fields, and interactive chart editing .

ECharts is a framework-agnostic charting utility that lets developers create beautiful charts that can be used to display various types of statistical information.The library comes with lots of features, all helping create a tool that’s perfect for usage when needing to deploy fully-interactive charts that can be edited and customize by the users themselves.ECharts supports a multitude of chart types, is skinnable, provides controls to easily switch between chart types, shows tooltips when hovering the data, is fully animated, and supports streaming data for real-time charts.The library also supports combining different chart types, interlinked graphs, timeline data, data zooming, and drag&drop interactions.ECharts was developed in-house by the Baidu team and later open sourced to the masses.

This is changelog for ECharts version 2.2.6 :

  • Optimize curve drawing. smoothRadian changed to smoothness
  • Support large option as large scale mark line optimization hint.
  • Support edge bundling, bundling.
  • Custom config enhancement, See #1316 »

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ECharts - ECharts is a beautiful charting utility developed by the Baidu teamECharts - ECharts comes with full support for lots of chart skinsECharts - Various chart types are supported, from the basic line and bar, to more complex event rivers and candlesticksEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsEChartsECharts

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