Download Source Code eduTrac 5.0.10

7 Media Web Solutions, LLC is announcing that eduTrac with version number 5.0.10 is already available to download.

What is eduTrac ?

eduTrac is An online academics management system for managing information about schools, students, professors, school staff, courses, and many other more .

eduTrac is an open source PHP & MySQL script that you can install on your own private or public servers/networks and have access to a fully-working, fully-customizable, high-tech school administration system.eduTrac as a PHP application comes with an easy to use installer, a role-based user system, fine-grained access permissions, and an extendable core (via plugins).Webmasters can manage multiple schools and academic institutions, create accounts for students or teachers, manage student, professor, and course details, while also entering attendance and grades information at the end of each week, month, or year.They can also manage school staff, pay grades, job titles, and all the fine details an HR department will love to take care off.The eduTrac system is more than complete and the only thing needed to use it is a lot of patience to setup all the data.All in all a pretty solid tool, compared to the fact that it won’t cost you nothing.

This is changelog for eduTrac version 5.0.10 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

eduTrac - eduTrac comes packed with a simple installation assistanteduTrac - During the installation, the eduTrac admin account is also creatededuTrac - The eduTrac portal is password protectededuTrac - Once logged in, teachers, students, and admins see a dashboard firsteduTrac - The admin can then go on to the administrative section and setup the eduTrac portaleduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTraceduTrac

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