Download Source Code Evol ColorPicker 3.2.3

Olivier Giulieri is announcing that Evol ColorPicker with version number 3.2.3 is already available to download.

What is Evol ColorPicker ?

Evol ColorPicker is .

Evol ColorPicker, also known as evol.colorpicker, is a true jQuery UI widget, supporting all the extra features that come with that, like cross-browser support and ThemeRoller jQuery UI themes. The color picker can easily be added to any project, working in different, multiple instances at the same time and on the same page, while also supporting an inline embedded mode, along with the classic popup display. Inside the color picker’s panel, colors are organized based on color themes, just like in the Microsoft Office 2010 famous ribbon toolkit’s interface. Underneath the color themes there are common colors listed and two extra options. The first opens up a color spectrum which users can utilize to choose from a broader array of colors, while the second shows a small, succinct history of previously chosen colors. Various of these features and controls can be turned on or off based on the project requirements, and all color selections are handled using the hexcode color format. Evol ColorPicker also provides basic examples to show developers how it can be implemented.

This is changelog for Evol ColorPicker version 3.2.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Evol ColorPicker - The Evol ColorPicker can be used in both popup and embedded modesEvol ColorPicker - More color options and color selection history panels are also availableEvol ColorPicker - Evol ColorPicker comes with support for jQuery UI themes

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