Download Source Code Feathers 2.2.0

Josh Tynjala is announcing that Feathers with version number 2.2.0 is already available to download.

What is Feathers ?

Feathers is A collection of UI components for Flash, allowing developers to easily setup user interfaces using beautiful, ready-made controls .

Feathers is coded on the Starling Flash framework and comes with in-depth documentation and plenty of examples.Feathers can be used in production environments to build apps and games for desktop and mobile devices, working with both classic Flash Player runtimes and with Adobe Air.All of the framework’s components utilize GPU-accelerated graphics and include support for responsive layouts.The framework also includes custom layouts, easy skinning, and cross-platform support.Included components:AlertButtonButtonGroupCalloutCheckDrawersGroupedListHeaderImageLoaderLabelLayoutGroupListNumericStepperPageIndicatorPanelPanelScreenPickerListProgressBarRadioScreenScreenNavigatorScrollBarScrollContainerScrollScreenScrollTextSimpleScrollBarSliderTabBarTextAreaTextInputToggleSwitch

This is changelog for Feathers version 2.2.0 :

  • New Component: AutoComplete, a TextInput that provides a pop-up list of suggestions.
  • New Component: SpinnerList, a list that changes selection when scrolling to an item.
  • New Component: StackScreenNavigator, a variation of ScreenNavigator with a history stack that you can push and pop.
  • New Component: WebView, displays a native web browser using StageWebView, but may be positioned in local coordinates. Available in AIR only.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Feathers - Feathers is a collection of components for Flash developersFeathers - Feathers includes simple alert windows, button sets, button groups, tooltips, and basic grouped listsFeathersFeathersFeathersFeathersFeathers - Feathers also comes with support for labels, steppers, pagination systems, file selectors, and progress barsFeathersFeathersFeathersFeathersFeathers - Custom scrollbar support is included with Feathers, along with drag sliders, tab panels, input forms, toggles, checkbox and radio buttonsFeathersFeathersFeathersFeathers

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