Download Source Code Fluentd 0.12.11

Fluentd Project is announcing that Fluentd with version number 0.12.11 is already available to download.

What is Fluentd ?

Fluentd is A Ruby-based log collector, a versatile and technology agnostic tool for collecting logs in a central hub, all in one format: JSON .

Fluentd collects logs from various sources and forwards them to third-party storage systems or to other FluentD instances.A plethora of plugins exist for making Fluentd work with third-party software like Redis, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Apache Cassandra, Apache Solr, MySQL, Kestrel, PostgreSQL, IRC, CouchDB, MongoDB, Growl, AMQP, UDP, etc..Fluentd is a fire-tested utility, being used in live production environments by companies like Nintendo, Slideshare, Amazon, GREE, PPTV and many other more.

This is changelog for Fluentd version 0.12.11 :

  • New features / Enhancements:
  • Added exclude_path option to support exclusion of files.
  • filter_record_transformer: Support placeholders in record keys.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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